_RK_4116 pine warbler 2014

Cocking his head at me and stopping his food hunt for a moment, the Pine Warbler said: you seem to be as quizzical as I feel.

_RK_3897 2-3 yo eagle CJL 2014

This immature bald eagle flew over the boat I was riding in during the CleanJordanLake.org Fall event yesterday.
The volunteers work hard to give the lake, the land, the critters a clean environment.
The lake had a slight chop which made getting a sharp photo a challenge, but it was fun trying.

_RK_2543 bluejay brooch 2014

This bluejay makes a bright blue splash against the green pine needles –
even though the bluejay’s feathers have no blue pigment…our eyes are fooled into seeing the bird as being blue.