_RK_1546 black buzzard quiz pair2014

This pair of black vultures had been mutually grooming each other when they both looked up and past me.  I turned and looked the same direction but my human eyesight could not see what their avian eyes could.

_RK_1630 final leaf voyage 2014

I watched this leaf suddenly let go of its twig and slowly fall to settle on the surface of the lake and then the winds began pushing it away from shore.

_RK_1279 eagle 3 yo 2014

3 year old bald eagles always remind me of punk rock stars – rebellious in their changing colors, especially in their beaks, heads and tails

_RK_1062 young male hummer proud 2014

this immature male ruby-throated hummingbird is every bit as proud as his larger cousin the bald eagle…
even with his face dusted with white morning glory pollen