Sometimes the small glitter blowing in the wind catches my eye and I sneak a quick photo of a detail –

even though I have my 400mm lens with its 1.4 extender attached on my camera.

feather at 560mm


I had leaned way back in my chair to try to photograph a tiny brown-headed nuthatch.
Don’t you know, into my viewfinder came this male fledgling osprey.
He was so close that I didn’t get all of his wings.
The smudge to the right of the bird is the tree that I was leaning around.
The youngster bounced to a landing, balanced for a moment and then left to look for fish.


The weather was beautiful.
The visitors asked lots of great questions about bald eagles.
Many, many thanks to the Rangers and staff at the Jordan Lake State Recreation Area for putting the celebration together. A huge undertaking accomplished over the past year that sure gave a lot of families and friends a beautiful gathering at Jordan Lake.
The Coast Guard auxiliary rescued my posters when the wind got hold of them. I didn’t know the Coast Guard did land rescues – my thanks to them.
I had a wonderful time!


Ever have one of those mornings, in a hurry, nothing going quite right?
You dash out into the bright sunlight towards your car?
And find yourself wondering if you had brushed your teeth and combed your hair?
This pileated woodpecker seemed to be having one of those mornings…