At the Eagle Family nest, I found Petruchio grooming, way to the right of his nest.
The storms of the fall have shifted some of the trees between me and the nest – making the nest harder to see.
The nest has some new sticks added to it.
I didn’t see Kate.


At the H&G nest, I found both parents there.
Hershey was in the nest looking over what is needed for repairs.
Godiva is off to the right, you can see her feet and body and a tiny sliver of her white head.


I was at the Jordan Lake dam today, early…very early.
This male American kestrel flashed by me.
Sky was grey, he was fast, and the sun wasn’t helping my attempted shot.
But, as sometimes happens, the unintended is interesting…
so, here is the kestrel in the abstract.


Thanksgiving is a human joy
we gather as kith and kin
sharing repast and remembrances

as I sit lake side
bundled against cold autumn day
my heart thanks giving
for eagles, cormorants, gulls, crows and chickadees
I find like the striking eagle
I am hungry
but not for fish or food
I am hungry
wanting for all
peace, kindness, justice, equality, safety and fellowship

may the Creator grant us those sacred spaces
as we gather as kith and kin
sharing repast and remembrances



For all the eons that bald eagles have existed here in North America they have danced.
Even when a breeding pair has been together for years they dance.
Especially as the year turns from fall towards winter, their breeding season.
Each year the pair do aerial renewals of their relationships.
I managed to catch a small moment of that dance – please see the slideshow at