There was a lot of splashing way, way, way across the lake from me.  A bald eagle had found a small raft of American Coots – about 20 of the birds.  The bald eagle began to harass them with, I am sure, some serious intent to have coot for breakfast.  The coot’s best defense is to madly splash water up into the air to confuse the eagle’s aim and for the smaller bird to then dive.  Every coot in the raft was doing its best to evade the eagle.  The coot would rather dive than fly.  The photography is not the greatest, but I decided to share the action with all of you.  One of these days I hope to be able to fulfill the top goal on my bucket list and get a longer lens.  Thank you for putting up with my efforts!

There was a fledgling osprey screaming, somewhere behind me.
I swung around and found I had a lens full of eagle.
Between me and the sun, this 4-year-old bald eagle flashed past, 
chasing the fledgling osprey and trying to get the smaller bird to drop its catch.  
The osprey hung on, screaming, and dove between me and the tree I was under.  
The eagle suddenly saw me and rolled over on a wing-tip and was gone.
The action was so close I couldn’t get both birds in the photo.