A trip to Lake Mattamuskeet needs to be on everybody’s  list.
It was at Lake Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge that the Bald Eagle was re-introduced to NC.
The Bald Eagles then made their way inland to Jordan Lake.
Try your hardest to get there at sunrise – they are almost always spectacular from the causeway!
Adult bald eagle way across the front impoundment at Mattamuskeet.  
This time of the year the eagles can be hard to find at Mattamuskeet.
The lake and its surrounding area has beautiful cypress trees.
The still waters of the lake and the impoundments often give reflections that are wonderfully detailed.
Great Blue Heron fishing.
The insect life at Mattamuskeet is very diverse – with many different dragonflies.
Did you see the dragonfly shadow?
The white-tailed deer really enjoy the browsing at the lake.  
The yellow-billed cuckoo is also found at Jordan Lake.
 I hear rather than see them most of the time.
The zebra swallowtail butterfly is the only swallowtail in our region with white stripes.

I made this photograph.
Without any concerns that my action was wrong and I could be jailed.
Without any fears that this statement would be seen as subversive.
Without having to apologize because I love Old Glory and the reasons for its existence.
Some in this beloved country of mine have yet to be able to fully exercise this way of living.
May the coming year bring peace, stability, loving kindness and an awareness: 
democracy is not simply a word to be bantered about
but is the living Truth of the United States of America.
All of us have the Right and Responsibility to practice the Gift of Democracy.
My prayer this Independence Day: 
may I share this democratic gift without any hesitations in my giving.
peace and grace, doc ellen

moon oft reminds
mystery sublime
mother for very first time
father full of Abba’s duty

star rising east
pales moon mist clouded
heavens foretell life shrouded
my heart weeps for their unseen loss

Bethlehem hills
as donkey nears gate
careful of rider’s slight weight
seem to call tired trio home

tis birthing eve
journey now distilled
parents’ vows will be fulfilled
manger and promised birth await

Christmas Blessings to you this night and all through the year