As of this evening, the lake level is down to 232.15, hooray!
Still a long way to go to normal pool level of 216 feet.  All access to the lake except at the dam is still closed.
Sunrise in the lifting fog at the dam.
The foggy landscape cleared just enough for me to take this long shot of an adult eagle heading south over the lake.
Not long after the adult eagle flew past, a 2-year-old eagle caught my attention as it was heading northward up the lake.
Looking puzzled, the great blue heron lets us see how turbulent the Haw River has become as it escapes at the higher flow rate the Army Corps of Engineers gave it.
As I was packing up for the day, I was given a moment of laughter:  this crow zipped past, beak filled with 2 acorns.

I started out with a short lens and caught the moon about 4/5 the way across the sun.
Realized I needed a longer lens, changed to my 400mm and got almost as much of the 93% eclipse as was possible for our area.
Then I got the moon as it was exiting the solar disk area.
My crabby left arm jerked, I lost some of my rigging to protect the camera lens and got this very interesting shot.
I hope that each of you in some way or another got to interact with this wonderful spectacle.