UPDATE – All the gates at the dam are closed.  There is no entry to the tailrace.  The only open boat ramps are at Ebenezer, New Hope Overlook, Seaforth and Robeson Creek – and those are subject to close at any moment.  So, I am working on a plan to use my archives of previously unpublished photos and minute videos at Jordan Lake for a daily sharing with each of you.  Please stay tuned as by Monday I hope to have that plan in effect – you will see the heading “Jordan Lake Neighborhood” on those postings.  In the meantime, take this spark from the sunrise at the dam and know it holds the promise that we will get through this, together.  Peace and Grace, Doc Ellen



I sat down to pick a photo for tonight’s post – I had several decent action shots to look through. But, the very first photo of this morning caused me to pause and ponder.  Of late this world has been full of chaos and fear and anxiety. Way down the Haw River this immature bald eagle perched.  Quietly.  Waiting.  A living, breathing, vibrant silhouette giving me, and I hope you, a chance to just be still for a moment or two.   Enjoy the peace and grace, Doc Ellen.


Jordan Lake Neighborhood Raptors
The morning started off with the moon setting in a beautiful Carolina blue sky.
Then the eagles came by and then the ospreys.
First was Lady Lake, panting hard in the heat and humidity.
Then a bright-eyed 2-year-old harassed the osprey nest and arrogantly floated past me.
Dad osprey was showing his fledglings how to fish.
 I wonder what the fledglings thought of the tiny fish dad captured!

I didn’t make it to the lake. I had to stay home, so, I bundled up and sat on my back steps.

The little iPhone wasn’t happy about the cold but my big Canon camera did just fine.

The recordings are from the beginning of the eclipse to the first of the totality.