The water and wind was rough this morning.
In the early light I could see the bright flash of scales and fins where the water rushed up against the shore.
 In the waves was a school of American shad fingerlings chasing food and being chased by the bigger fish who were also looking for food.
The video starts at normal speed and then I slow it down so you can watch the fingerlings in the waves.

A proper bald eagle scowl.  
Usually I am the watcher.  Today I found myself being the observed species by this osprey.
The tiny fluffs of feathers on each side of this double-crested cormorant’s head are his “crests”.
Only the mature double-crested cormorant has the crests.  
There are none on the immature bird at the lower right.
This is a first for me and my camera – a great horned owl.
Truly a mouthful…for this great blue heron.

A feeding frenzy erupted at the lake yesterday.
It was started by 4 white pelicans – yes, pelicans, you know, those warm climate birds…
that most likely for weather related reasons were at Jordan Lake.
White pelicans don’t do the spectacular fishing dives that the brown pelicans do.
Nope.  The white pelicans fish cooperatively using their feet and bodies to push fish into a tight mass.
Then the pelicans feast.  AND, the bald eagles saw a buffet open up on the lake.
Without hesitation…after all, they are Eagles… the bald eagles started fishing in the middle of the congregation.
So did the great blue herons, the cormorants, the gulls and the terns.
There were several fights between eagles.
For more than 45 minutes I watched, photographed and enjoyed.  I hope you do too.

Today I got to watch something I had never seen before.
I was photographing a dam on the Cape Fear River when a fish leaped from the water –
angling up the face of the dam.
I then realized there were a lot of common carp in the frothing water
and some of them where throwing themselves upward.
I have no idea why, in the autumn (some do in spring migration), any fish would be trying to literally swim up river.
The common carp is an invasive species and destructive to the habitat used by our native fish.

to see a very short slide show go to


this morning this osprey missed his fish….
do you see it?
he went around a second time, dove again and missed it then too
gave up and headed back over the lake

WALK2863 03-22-16 @ 09-12-28 Pea Ridge