Fish are slippery and hard to hold onto, even when you have sharp talons.
This 2 year old eagle certainly flipped this fish away and behind himself, alas.
On second thought, the fish was probably happy about the outcome of his flight.

2 yo missed fish

Just whose fish is it? Both great blue herons have dibs and bills on it…
There ensued a royal tug-of-war between the two birds.
The heron in the water is the one who caught the fish.
And ultimately held onto it.
Wild day on the lake even though it was cloudy and dripping rain.

great blue heron fight

I could sense the strong wingbeats as this eagle came into sight working for altitude as he carried the huge fish up and over the riverbank.

eagle huge fish

I could see the fish as Ace flared his talons for the snatch.
I heard the fisherman further up the bank yell.
Ace looked puzzled as he neared the fish and suddenly aborted his strike.
The osprey had been diving for a fish that the fisherman had just hooked and was reeling in.
Both the fisherman and I breathed better when my photos showed us that Ace had not caught himself on the fish, lure or line.

WALK6827 Jul 13 2015 @ 09-10-07 Haw River Ace fishing lure

When the lake is still and the sunlight is just above the horizon
the clay that often occurs in the lakebed reflects and tints everything with a burnished brassy hue.
These shiners and their shadows clearly stood out as they slowly swam past the point.

WALK2129 May 29 2015 @ 10-43-41 New Hope Shiners shadows

WALK1008 Apr 22 2015  11-42-11  Haw River Water snake detail

detail of the keeled scales of a brown water snake
amber, gold, brown and bronze jewels
a marvelous sight this morning at the river