Mom Ranger and her two chicks were waiting for some fish.
Then mom Ranger saw an osprey flying in with a fish for its mate.
Mom Ranger dashed for the osprey and literally banged into it, hoping to get the osprey to drop its fish.
This is a favorite tactic of bald eagles – let the osprey catch the fish, then steal the fish for the eaglets.
The plucky osprey hung onto its prize and dashed between two trees where mom Ranger couldn’t follow it.
Mom Ranger was quite grumpy.  Not everything goes the eagle’s way.

The BIG one doesn’t always get away …
this immature great blue heron caught this fish 
at the Jordan Lake Dam in the fog early this morning.
I didn’t get to see if he managed to swallow the fish.
The heron headed for the far bank and I lost him in the shadows.

2 year-old bald eagles will do just about anything to get a meal …
especially if it means little work on their part.
I watched the gull catch the fish and suddenly drop it.
The young eagle swooped in,
snagged the fish from right at the lake’s surface
and headed for shore where he consumed the gull’s catch.

Some days there is nothing like black and white photography to show details.
Unknown 4 year-old-bald eagle.  Oh, so, self-assured.
A pair of ospreys.  The female is the upper bird.  Note her bigger bulk.
 As in all raptors, the girls are bigger.
A glare that would be worthy of a bald eagle.
The eastern kingbird certainly seemed to be issuing an edict about whose territory I was on.
Male osprey taking home a fish for his chicks who are close to fledging.