it is hard to gather pollen when the wind is blowing at the top of the riverbank – the video should do well on full screen – I do not know why the little circle stays in the middle on the small screen view!

IMG_8414 bumblebee in flight 2014 (1)

bumblebee in flight towards the flowers and its work pollinating plants of all kinds

I have only seen one honeybee this spring and I worry about the loss of these golden pollinators.

thankfully a friend caught my error: this is a carpenter bee not a bumblebee – sorry for the error!

_RK_2899 heron dispute 50 jpg 2014 (1)

The great blue heron in the air is an adult; the great blue heron on the ground is immature. The youngster got caught infringing on the adult’s territory.  The youngster lost a single small feather from his head…and his dignity was sorely bruised.