PSA: Are these two ducks from your flock?

This morning at Jordan Lake Captain Doug and I found this pair of domestic ducks (I think they are Pekin species) on Jordan Lake. The two ducks were not at all afraid of us. Captain Doug’s boat would not allow us to get in close enough to possibly try to pick these ducks up. It is very dangerous for the ducks to be out there at the lake because coyotes and possibly a female bald eagle might consider them for food. They were approximately mile and a half or so down the Haw River south of where Highway 64 crosses over it. If these are your two ducks please contact me and I’ll do my best to explain to you where they are located. They’re beautiful ducks and they need to get back home!

Directions to help locate the ducks:

Very roughly 35.7 N, 79.074 W 

ON LAND:  on the entrance road (gravel) to the Wilderness Island access area (leaves the south end of Seaforth Road), there’s a big clearcut.  There’s a dirt road that runs all along the western edge of that clearcut, from the access road all the way down to the lake shore, at the back of the cove.  That spot on the shoreline is about 80 yards east of where we saw the ducks