New Year’s Day 2021

Jordan Lake, Haw River, January 1, 2021. It is a grey somber day this morning so I reached back to a brightly lit frosty morning from 2020 as a bridge from the old year to the new. The rising sun of December 20, 2020 shines forth in a time of human troubles to remind us on this New Year’s Day 2021 that the world is full of possibilities for hope, contentment and health. Gather the sunshine glowing here into your depths as a reserve for those times in the coming year when you need a moment of brightness. Peace and Grace, Doc Ellen.


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  1. You remind me to do something unexpected and kind.

    Frosty tips on waiting tree limbs are a promise of good over evil waitng for energy from ABOVE!

    Bill Buck Look up wisely and believe.

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