Rescue at the Riprap!

Jordan Dam, Haw River: RESCUE! Edde Burgess was waiting to photograph some bald eagles this morning when he realized that a great blue heron, across the Haw River, was tangled and caught in fishing line. Edde hiked all the way around the riprap to get to the heron. He managed to get the heron up on the bank and wrapped into his quilted jacket. While dodging the heron’s dangerous beak, Edde got the fishing line off of the bird’s leg. He quickly checked for any obvious injuries and finding none he gave the heron its’ freedom. Thank you Edde for giving the heron another chance at life. How I wish fishermen would always take their broken line and trash with them because not all birds have a friend like Edde show up at the right time. You can see Edde’s photography at or @eddesbigyear