Jordan Lake, Haw River 16 minutes after the sun rose … I was tracking a male osprey as he came in over the dam and almost disappeared down into the shadows of the riprap and the sudden glare of the sun. I watched the osprey flare and snatch his fish and then the quiet morning exploded in osprey shrieks and great blue heron gronks. A large light grey shadow was closing in on the osprey. I don’t know if the heron had had an eye on the same fish as the osprey or that the heron took exception to the osprey disturbing his morning fishing. The osprey fled the river with his fish and out over the dam and the heron grumbled his way back to the riprap shoreline.

Oh, I was grumpy, yes I was at sunrise this morning. The fog was heavy over the river and all up in the trees. Grump, indeed, as any birds were well-hidden. I kept looking down the river where I just could see an adult bald eagle, silent in the mist. The sun eased up the sky and suddenly there was light caught in the trees. “That would be a pretty landscape shot,” I thought, “and maybe the eagle will be visible in the photograph”. Snap. I took the shot and forgot about it until just now. Oh, my. Light suffused and showing plainly that there were 3 bald eagles in the tree. My grump got dispelled as I planned to share with all of you. Take care, be safe. Stay well.

Jordan Lake Dam, Haw River, Monday, August 10, 2020.  There was quite a game of sun ball at the lake this morning.  The Cloud Bears got rather full of themselves and the sun ball escaped over the fence.  Dad Cloud Bear caught the ball and I snapped a photo just as he was tossing the globe back onto the field.  My twelve-year-old heart enjoyed the game … and I hope you do to!