Ranger Cove, Jordan Lake Neighborhood
The glitter of a ruby-throated hummingbird against the soft glow my lens made of the background foliage.
A quizzical northern cardinal made me smile.
Bright eyes, startling gold against the iridescent deep purple-black of a common grackle.
The snowy egret’s translucence allows you to see the bones and joints of its wing: of its shoulder, elbow, wrist and fingers.
Note too that his feet have yellow socks!
Perched probably 60 feet up at the top of a tree, it is a little startling to see an immature great blue heron surveying the cove.
Actually great blue herons of all ages often spend a great deal of time way up in tall trees.

This morning at the Jordan Lake dam was a rarity.
I often see several species…but today was extremely varied:
 I saw a bald eagle fledgling, the largest bird at the lake.
A ruby-throated hummingbird stopped by; the smallest bird at the lake.

A male osprey caught a fish for his nestlings.
Some immature little blue herons flew past.
The youngsters are not blue at all, 
but are white with black tipped wings, yellowish legs and dusky bills.
At first glance they look like great egrets!

_RK_1062 young male hummer proud 2014

this immature male ruby-throated hummingbird is every bit as proud as his larger cousin the bald eagle…
even with his face dusted with white morning glory pollen