Jordan Lake. The osprey father who broke his wing when he became entangled in the fishing line, has passed away. My thanks to the Rangers who rescued him, to Captain Doug for transporting him, to CLAWS for doing the very best they could with getting him proper medical care and hopes to rehab him. My thoughts about the careless fisherman are dark. I simply ask that we all try to remind each other to pick up your trash and carry it out.

osprey dad

Jordan Lake: Osprey mom and dad. Mom showed up first, all full of herself! She occasionally chirped from her perch. Then far off, I heard a second chirp. Dad appeared and all was right in the world as the couple reunited after their long solo migrations.

Mom Osprey
Dad Osprey

Jordan Lake: the OSPREYS have returned to Jordan Lake for their breeding season. This female has a very large crop so she has eaten well post her flight from Central or South America. Once again the stage is set for the interactions between the two fishing raptors of the Jordan Lake Neighborhood!

female osprey with large crop
looking for a landing spot

Jordan Lake: this female Fledgling Osprey jumped from her perch high in a tree on one side of the cove. She was dashing straight across to the other side. Then abruptly the youngster threw on her air brakes, wrapped her wings around herself and looked over her shoulder, hard, down to the lake below. There the dancer hung for a long heartbeat. Then the osprey shrugged as if well nothing there after all and she turned her head back forward. Unwrapped her feathered wings cape and finished her flight to the other side. A true sky ballerina.

Jordan Lake: Osprey Moon. The moon was setting. This fledgling female osprey had been trying hard to catch a fish. I managed to catch her as she made a transit of the moon.