WALK1008 Apr 22 2015  11-42-11  Haw River Water snake detail

detail of the keeled scales of a brown water snake
amber, gold, brown and bronze jewels
a marvelous sight this morning at the river

WALK9030 Apr 17 2015  13-36-30  Haw River Coy GBH

If ever the term “coy” or maybe “shy” or “bemused” could be applied to a great blue heron – who is usually bossy, raucous, grumpy and noisy –
perhaps this candid shot would be my chance.

there is a SLIDE show of the photographed sequence at http://youtu.be/fkGr5Vf1Hx4
I heard Kate’s angry scream as I stepped from my truck and I grabbed my camera and ran for the bluff.
Kate was being bounced by the gusty wind as if she were a wee chickadee and she was angry.
I didn’t stop to put the camera on the tripod – I just photographed Kate’s struggle.
Kate finally made it to the nest only to be met by Wynd on the left and Ice on the right.
Both of whom end up under her and Kate drops the fish and bails out to the left.

WALK8589 Apr 15 2015  09-36-29  New HopeKate and Gusts

When I saw this great blue heron throw himself into the river my heart almost stopped –
not in fear for his life but because I knew that fishing technique.
Last October 1, I wrote of two great blue herons who helped me cope with my disability as they dealt with theirs.
I had not seen either heron for many months at that point and assumed they had gone Home.
Then this morning I saw Ball Foot make his plunge – his way to fish because of a foot that was balled-up due to fishing line.
I whooped in triumph with him as he pulled this fish from the Haw – oh, my.

WALK8800 Apr 15 2015  11-14-43  Haw RiverBall Foot