WALK7499 new pair 2015

this pair of adult eagles chased each other on and off all day
wish I knew if they were sizing each other up for partnership
I do not know why the lead eagle’s tail is orange – the feathers are suffused with the tint

WALK7237 Sunday 3 year old 2015

this 3 year-old bald eagle has beaten some tough odds
more than half the eagles born the same year as he was have died
no wonder then for his fierce look to the lake and his next fish

WALK5693 3 and 4 year old2015

One eagle always wants what the other eagle has.
The 2 year-old eagle on the right had just caught a fish.
The 3-year old on the left tried to snatch the fish from the 2 year-old.
The fish was dropped and neither eagle won the engagement.