Fish for breakfast for Kate in 4 quick steps:
1) Kate sees Petruchio catching a fish and starts hollering for her food.
2) Petruchio flies into the nest from behind Kate,
flies over her back and drops the fish.
3) He pauses for a split second at the rim of the nest.
4) He is off again for more food.
time elapsed: 17 seconds

WALK7684 01-31-16 @ 09-32-03 New Hope Kate Petruchio

WALK7687 01-31-16 @ 09-32-07 New Hope Kate Petruchio

WALK7691 01-31-16 @ 09-32-11 New Hope Kate Petruchio

WALK7693 01-31-16 @ 09-32-20 New Hope Kate Petruchio

yesterday my friend and I were bundled top to bottom
wondering out loud why the heck we were at the water’s edge
wind dropping the temperature way below comfortable
when this eagle appeared
oblivious to the cold, only thought: fish

WALK9428 02-10-16 @ 15-59-15 Haw eagle fishing 1

Oft times the great blue heron appears to be grey.
As he successfully fished this afternoon, his shades of blue more than matched his name.

WALK8668 02-05-16 @ 16-52-49 Haw gbh fishing

This is Petruchio, who is the mate to Kate, and he is fishing to provide her with food.
He will provide her with fish while she is patiently keeping their eggs warm and safe.
Kate began incubating her eggs on January 16, 2016.
If all goes well, the chicks should hatch about February 20.
I have been following this Jordan Lake pair of bald eagles since they built their nest in 2012.
I will continue to update their activities for you and for the Army Corps of Engineers’ eagle monitoring project.
You can find past stories about this pair and their offspring
in this blog.WALK7661 01-31-16 @ 09-28-15 New Hope Petruchio fishing