Quiz meets his mom when she flies in.  He aggressively checks out her talons – hoping she has a fish.  Mom Kate does not.  There are several short clips of Quiz “trampolining” – strengthing his wings and legs.  Notice that he is getting air under his feet!

video is at     https://flic.kr/p/FJyNwU

In the photo below: Mom Kate is on the perch limb to the right.

Quiz has his back to us and is to the far left of the nest.

WALK1622 04-27-16 @ 12-14-27 New HopeQuiz backside

Is this your pigeon??? I photographed this pigeon at the Ebenezer Boat Ramp, Jordan Lake, NC, parking lot this morning. There are 4 sets of code on the plastic/silver band on his right leg: 776 TRC 1F 2015. There is a dark green band on his left leg that appears to be embossed but I could not read it. The bird is flight capable and appears unhurt. I could not entice it to my hand. Please share this posting! He needs to get back to his home coop.

WALK1393 04-26-16 @ 10-37-14 Pea Ridge lost pigeon