The eye of a raptor gleams with its dominance of the skies.
This is an immature Accipiter, most likely a Cooper’s hawk.
It soon got tired of the crows that were pestering it.
The hawk exploded off its perch, twisting through the trees towards the noisy pests.
The crows scattered all over the small cove.

WALK7411 08-16-16 @ 10-23-04 Ebenezer raptor eye

WALK7419 08-16-16 @ 10-23-07 Ebenezer raptor eye

It was so darn hot at the lake today.
This eagle flew past me and it was panting –
and still panting when it landed.
A lot of the other birds were this hot too.

WALK6363 08-11-16 @ 07-50-07 Ebenezer hot 4 yo

Most of the photographers and bird watchers at Jordan Lake
have noted the intense direct stare at them of an osprey as he passes by with his catch.
Is he proud or is it he wants to be certain what the predator – the human – is doing?
I think it is some of both reactions – and thought provoking for me.

WALK5813 08-05-16 @ 08-59-28 Ebenezer osprey eyes me