Ever have one of those mornings, in a hurry, nothing going quite right?
You dash out into the bright sunlight towards your car?
And find yourself wondering if you had brushed your teeth and combed your hair?
This pileated woodpecker seemed to be having one of those mornings…


There have been requests that I offer a second presentation of my bald eagle lecture at the Jordan Lake State Park.
Ranger Steve McMurray has been kind enough to schedule another session.
I will be talking about the bald eagles of Jordan Lake and how their lives interact with the lake’s community.
Presentation is on Saturday, September 24, from 2:00 – 3:00 PM.
There is no admission; just bring your interest and your family and friends and join me.
I hope to see you all there.
directions to Jordan Lake SRA Visitor Center

It was about 20 minutes after sunrise, the golden hour was tinting everything with brass.
Godiva, the mother of the H&G nest, appeared and dove on what looked like, to me and apparently to her, a fish.
She pulled out after grabbing the object with one talon and then instantly releasing it.
She circled, took a second look, and didn’t try again to catch the “fish”.
You can see the “finned” white object about 12 feet to the left of Godiva. I still don’t know what it was.
I just know Godiva wasn’t going to waste any more time on the “non-breakfast” item.walk0810-09-07-16-07-17-48-ebenezer-godiva-fishing

Thought y’all might enjoy the other end of the fledgling osprey’s flight.
After being puzzled by watching us watching her,
the youngster took off to practice her new skills.

WALK9177 08-28-16 @ 09-49-41 Ebenezer osprey fishing

The leap into the open space surrounding the nest is one step.
The next is to safely stick a landing.
This female osprey fledgling seemed as intent on watching my friends and I
as she was in making sure her feet were going to meet the branch at the right angle.
And, yes, she made a great landing!

WALK9138 08-28-16 @ 09-47-03 Ebenezer osprey fledgling