oh, sometimes, I get such a different point of view…..
such as this great blue heron flying directly over my friend and I
and sometimes,
black and white photos are the best for displaying life’s variety

WALK5651 08-02-16 @ 08-05-26 Ebenezer gbh goggle eye b&w

Wildlife Information for all of you:
The NC Wildlife Resources Commission, on their Facebook page, has in the last couple of days put up a new series of 12 postings that give an overview of the different aspects of prescribed burns and the reasons behind the use of these burns here in NC. There is a lot of information there – especially in the paper authored by NC State University. I am pleased to see this outreach from the NC WRC. I hope you have a chance to go to their Facebook page and learn more about prescribed burns, ask questions, make comments and be part of the dialogue. Their Facebook page is at http://<a href=”https://www.facebook.com/ncwildliferesourcescommission/” rel=”nofollow”>www.facebook.com/ncwildliferesourcescommission/</a>

The photo is bald eagle fledgling Big Chick of the H&G nest this year.

WALK4080 07-25-16 @ 08-03-13 Ebenezer Big Chick

Come warm weather there are certain birds I listen for –
and sometimes spend most of the summer trying to see!
My friend taught me to hear the cuck cuck cuck of the yellow-billed cuckoo.
These birds are secretive and hearing them helps me to find them.
It is unusual for me to catch one flying well out in the open.

yellow-billed cuckoo