My friend who is providing the winter garden home for the rufous hummingbird
here in Wake County has sent me an update with 2 photos.
You can see the light bulb behind the little female
that my friend put up to provide some warmth under the house eave.
You can read more about the hummer in the winter weather at


The yellowish tint here is due to the yellow of the heat lamp.  Spa time for the little bird.
I really appreciate that my friend is sharing her photos with us
and her garden with the winter visitor.
you can see my posting of banding this bird in my Winter Surprise!!! entry 

_RK_1062 young male hummer proud 2014

this immature male ruby-throated hummingbird is every bit as proud as his larger cousin the bald eagle…
even with his face dusted with white morning glory pollen