Jordan Lake: H&G Nest. Hershey and Godiva have been very chatty of late. They have also started to repair their nest … and they are a month earlier than usual. I am not at all sure what the early start means! In the 1st photo that is Hershey up top and Godiva down below. The bald eagle in flight is Hershey.

Jordan Lake: Spectacular Fail! You are seeing the second of three attempts that Mom Godiva the bald eagle made early this morning on a huge striped bass. She had snagged it the first pass and had to drop it. This is her second attempt. Godiva came around, set her talons, and the impact apparently was so great – her weight of about 12 pounds against the approximate 2 pounds of the fish – that the interaction flipped the fish out behind her. Do not feel too badly for Mom Godiva. She came back around the third time and actually got a very good grip on the huge bass and took it back to the shoreline. There she ate her hard earned breakfast.

Jordan Lake: I was watching Mom Godiva on a speed run up the main lake, heading north. I did not expect her to go fishing. Suddenly she did an almost 270° turn and had her feet in the water before I could catch up with her. As you can see maybe Godiva was a little too hasty in her fishing? That’s a big fish. She didn’t quite get a grip on it and flipped it out behind herself. The fish didn’t mind Godiva’s disappointment. Eagle zero, fish 1.

Jordan Lake: Bald Eagle Nest Report: H&G NestI watched Dad Hershey go past with a large, rather branched repair stick for his nest. Not more than 200 feet behind him came Mom Godiva. More often than not it is the dad bald eagle that carries the branches and mom who does the reconstruction work. But, I have seen moms carrying sticks and dads hard at work patching the nest. Good to see the work going forward for the breeding season.

A note about Keeping ALL of Us Safely Together:  Please check back on Monday … I am working on a Keeping-In-Touch plan if the coronavirus keeps us from the lake …
H&G Nest has TWO chicks.
Kinda hard to see, but the two dark lumps at the brim of the nest and between Mom Godiva and the trunk are chicks.
Dad Petruchio at First Nest seems to be as confused about the way the world is atilt as we are.
One of the chicks at First Nest … BIG isn’t it
Both of the chicks at First Nest
From left to right is one of the chicks and then Dad Petruchio;
see what looks like a piece of typing paper above Dad and where the chick is staring… that is Mom Kate’s tail.