First Nest
Resolute has FLEDGED!
I didn’t get to see the first flight which I think occurred on Friday.
I did get to catch this much of Resolute’s flight this morning.  She was about 500 feet from the nest.
The fledging occurred when Resolute was 12 weeks of age.
Hopefully I will be able to catch the newest flier at the lake out in the open soon and get a photo for all of you.

First Nest
Resolute is going ever higher up in the nest tree.
Preparing for that first flight.
In the photo, Resolute had gotten up in the tree and dad Petruchio showed up with a fish.
Resolute wanted the fish but couldn’t quite figure out how to get down into the nest.
Finally, the chick just let go and fell down into the nest and onto dad.
Yep, there was quite a ruckus!
In the video you will see Resolute trying out all kinds of new perches.

First Nest

Resolute stretches his wings.
Then dad Petruchio shows up with a big fish and Resolute tries to grab it from dad’s foot.
Mom Kate quickly gets to the nest and feeds Resoute.
Wait for the BIG gulp at the end – mom tries to help but Resolute is determined to handle the situation himself.