WALK3906 Petruchio dropping fish 2015

Petruchio is dropping off a fish to Kate.
Look carefully: you can see her head directly below his breast.
You can also get a feeling for how much bigger Kate is than Petruchio by comparing the two heads.
Petruchio was at the nest for 43 seconds by my time stamps on the photos.

WALK3003 3 yo and Petruchio 2015

The immature 3 year old returned after being chased off by Petruchio.
It lazily circled the nest and then drifted off to the east out of my sight.
Kate’s screams eventually brought Petruchio barreling across the nest and off in the same direction as the immature eagle.
I watched where the two eagles had gone, figuring a fight would ensue.
I had about given up when Petruchio appeared being chased by the 3 year old.
Petruchio had apparently stolen a catfish from the immature eagle and the youngster wanted it back.
Petruchio won: he zipped over the nest, dropped the food to Kate, turned on his tail and chased the younger bird out towards the dam.

WALK2925 3 yo over the nest2015

There was an intruder at the New Hope nest.
This 3 year old eagle (looks like a ratty hawk) had been circling just above the nest causing Kate (the mother) to scream.
Then the intruder dropped out of sight to reappear zooming directly across the nest about 5 feet up.
You can barely see a white sliver of Kate’s white head below the intruder and to the left at the rim of the nest.
Petruchio (the father) soon showed up and chased the 3 year old out of sight.