The first photo is Hershey.
He came hurtling across the cove, chasing another adult eagle.
They were traveling at high speed and crossed the cove as I was shooting.
The time stamp on the second photo was 08:41:44 and the first photo of Hershey was 08:41:56.
Both birds passed so close over head that I only got partial shots of Hershey. Whew!

WALK8425 06-06-16 @ 08-41-56 Pea Ridge Hershey & intruder

WALK8411 06-06-16 @ 08-41-44 Pea Ridge Hershey & intruder

Quizzical, video of this morning’s flight lesson. Yep, that’s Quiz that just flew across from the upper right. Now watch as Quiz comes back around and gets closer to the nest, to no avail. Bails out. And well, the next few moments I added a slow motion so you can see the crash landing. video is at

In the photo, the blur of wings in front of the nest and to the lower left is Quizzical. Quizzical was unhurt.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 9.35.15 PM

GREAT NEWS on the H&G nest. I just received an email from the Wildlife Resources Commission. They have notified me that they will not burn the block that we have all worried about, until after the two chicks have fledged. Big Chick and Little Chick are safe for now and we need to keep them safe and all their bald eagle and golden eagle kinfolk too! Now we have to get the whole permitting process put right and the proposed changes to the eagle permitting Rule in the Federal Register stopped. Keep passing along the Petition and the Comment posting just above this notice. THANK YOU ALL for your help in keeping the chicks safe and giving me the energy to continue. peace and grace, doc ellen

IMG_6397 05-09-16 @ 06-05-40 Pea Ridge Big & Little Chick

Quiz, like all eaglets, is very aggressive.
He thinks there should be food in mom’s talons so he makes a move for where food is supposed to be…….
then mantles with his wings what he thinks is food….
and plainly shows his disgust that mom brought nesting materials.
Sorry: NO audio…words were being used on nearby boats that are not family friendly, so I had to mute the audio.   video at

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