Jordan Lake. An incubating bald eagle – one sitting on eggs – occasionally just has to stretch their wings. That’s a dangerous maneuver. If it is wintertime (bald eagle’s normal temperature is 99.5°F ) and the parent is off of the egg(s) even briefly the eggs will die because they quickly become chilled. This is dad eagle at First Nest. From the time he leaves the nest until he gets back and settles in on his eggs is 43 seconds. We need to keep this in mind when we’re thinking about the Shelter 8 nest. Because intrusions of any kind, human or otherwise, that keep the parent off the nest too long can be fatal to the eggs (which haven’t been laid yet at Shelter 8).

Jordan Lake. First Nest. I had not seen any eagles at all anywhere near First Nest for at least six weeks. Then I was sent a text that said an eagle was in First Nest. Indeed there was a female in the nest and eventually we saw the male out flying. These photos were done this morning in the rain and so they are not the clearest at all. It looks like the female is incubating eggs! I will have to wait to get a very good photo of both parents before I know for sure whether or not they are Kate and her mate. Stay tuned!

Jordan Lake. Loblolly has not laid eggs yet; gate still open. Interference sensitivity charts for a bald eagle breeding season has egg laying as the most critical point in time. Juvenile eagles keep an eye on bald eagle nests because they like to rob the nest of eggs or chicks. The parent eagles know this and guard their territory even before eggs are laid. Loblolly and Pitch have the added hardship and stress of human visitors being allowed to get too close to their nest and disturbing the natural sequence of being a parent eagle. There were people in the shelter area when I took these 2 photos. None of the three eagles got anywhere close to the shelter parking lot – they avoided it. Photo: Loblolly on left, Pitch on right, 3-year-old bald eagle in 2nd photo.

Loblolly and Pitch
3-year-old bald eagle

Jordan Lake. Mom Loblolly. I have obtained the email address and telephone number of the US Fish and Wildlife Service‘s Law Enforcement division. If you have a moment, could you email your concerns about getting the gate to Shelter 8 closed, to the enforcement division or call 1-844-397-8477? This is the division tasked with enforcing the federal laws concerning the bald eagles. Thank you so much for all of your support of the bald eagles of shelter eight.

mom Loblolly

Jordan Lake update on shelter eight. Loblolly and Pitch have begun their mating. You can see all about it on ABC channel 11 at this link My thanks to ABC11 for helping everyone understand how to properly care for these bald eagles. Please continue with your phone calls and emails to anyone you think can help Loblolly and Pitch. Superintendent Mole has continued to leave the gate to shelter 8 open. (919) 362-0586 ext 231

Jordan Lake. Mom Godiva likes to occasionally have a meal of bird. You can see the water splash trail as the cormorant that Godiva was chasing tried to first run and take flight, but then decided the safest route was to just dive under. Mom Godiva was not happy that she missed. I am sure the cormorant thinks otherwise.