First Nest
Both of the chicks have fledged!
Kate is not too impressed with Cacao’s semi controlled crash landing.
While Cacao is trying to get the landing finished, Caramel comes zipping by.
Kate watches as Caramel makes a landing much further down the tree.
Just like any offspring, Cacao imitates mom even though Kate is still not impressed!

Jordan Lake: Bald Eagle Fledgling at First Nest
Caramel has fledged. I don’t know the exact date – the chicks were due to fledge starting April 27.
Dad Petruchio brought a fish to the nest and I could hear the young ones calling.
I don’t know yet if Cacao has also fledged. The lake is still too deep for me to get a decent shot of the nest.
And the sun was in the wrong place for a detailed look at the new flier.

First Nest
The lake level was so high that I could not see the nest.
The sky was sunny, but I was not because I wanted to see the chicks branching.
I had turned around to go back to my truck when a shadow blew past me.
Not a sound had been made in the cove. Yet, here was Kate at a high speed heading for the nest.
She didn’t have a fish.  She did look angry.
Into the branches around the nest Kate disappeared.
No sounds. I waited another 30 minutes then had to leave, wondering why the dash to the nest.

Uh, oh, ever have one of those days when no matter which way you turned, it was the wrong way?
The osprey was trying hard to keep the year-old bald eagle from stealing it’s fish.
The osprey noticed the incoming, much more dangerous, problem before the immature eagle did.
Then the immature bald eagle realized there was another challenger for the osprey’s fish.
The adult bald eagle came in on a steep dive.  The osprey dropped its fish.  The younger eagle made a try for the falling fish.
The adult bald eagle stalled out of its dive, hovered and missed the falling fish too.  Oh, my.