Jordan Lake. I heard the fledgling bald eagle screaming as it burst forth from the trees. Right behind the young eagle was a pair of fish crows. Apparently the eaglet had gotten too close to the fish crows’ nest. All 3 instantly banked back into the trees and I tried to follow them through the branches but they disappeared very quickly out of my sight.

Jordan Lake. H&G nest. One of the two fledglings was trying hard to look fierce and attempt to fish. She was way out toward mid lake and I kept hoping she would come in towards shore so I could get a better shot … maybe tomorrow …

THANK YOU!!! My GoFundMe goal has been accomplished! I am misty-eyed and humbled by the expressions of care, concern and friendship from each of you – each of you in your own unique ways. I have ordered the equipment and it will be here this Wednesday. Then to Jordan Lake I go to do just as one of this year’s bald eagle fledglings is doing … seeing a brand new world. I look forward to sharing the Jordan Lake Neighborhood with all of you for many years to come. Peace and Grace, Doc Ellen

2022 bald eagle fledgling

Jordan Lake. H&G nest both the chicks have fledged! In the last two days they both took flight. 1st photo is mama Godiva. 2nd photo is one of the fledglings coming in to land while Godiva watches it. 3rd photo is the Fledgling at upper right watching mama Godiva at lower left. 4th photo is Godiva to the left, fledgling in the middle and the other fledgling landed in the nest. Whew!!!

Jordan Lake, Bald Eagle nest report: H&G nest. I watched as Mom Godiva flew past me with some kind of bird in her talons. She had just gotten past me when I realized there was another eagle trailing her. By time I caught up with the other eagle it had started to land in the nest – almost on top of Godiva. It was one of the fledglings from this year‘s hatching at H&G nest. Mom Godiva was not going to have anything at all to do with the offspring. As you can see she promptly threatened it and said no way are you sharing this bird. The fledgling bailed out. Most parent eagles have finished any supplemental feeding of their offspring by about September. This youngster tried for food and it didn’t work. Please remember, nature is never cruel but she is harsh.