Jordan Lake Dam. Just in case, you know, if perhaps you were wondering what it took to chase all the rain away… Well, I think this great blue heron is a pretty good indicator of just how much wind it took to bring us this bright Easter Sunday.

Jordan Lake. First Nest. More than 2500 feet away from me I watched Dad Bard really get into the case of a yearling bald eagle that had the audacity to try to trespass upon First Nest territory. I converted the shots to black-and-white to try to give you as much detail as possible – almost 1/2 mile is a long stretch for my lens. I hope you enjoy the video.

Jordan Lake. First Nest. Bald eagle chicks soon begin to exercise their wings and chest muscles in anticipation of eventual flight. I call this exercise “wing wapping”. As you can see the exercise can get quite vigorous. At one point the chick that is wing wapping is annoying the other two chicks.

wing wapping exercise

Jordan Lake. Doc Ellen’s Natural Minute. Killdeer have a very distinct call. I almost always hear them before I see them. But, this morning this killdeer did his bobbing dance just above the bluff from me so we get to enjoy his morning song and his body work too.

Jordan Lake. Watching the triplets. The three chicks are doing a lot of preening as they molt feathers. The big chick actually does a little bit of wing stretches! The smallest chick is behind the biggest chick but you can still see it occasionally. The middle chick is to the right hand side of the nest.

Jordan Lake. First Nest. All birds keep their nests extremely clean. Kate is gathering up new nest lining to replace the soiled material that she and Bard carried out and dropped far away from the nest. Video starts with a few slides to show you how Mom Kate is gathering up the materials and then I caught her flying off with a whole bundle and landing in the nest where you can see both parents and the chicks.

Kate Gathers Nest Lining