Jordan Lake. All three of the TRIPLETS are alive and doing well! Captain Doug and I managed to get out today to monitor our nests after the big rain, high lake levels and wind. Dad Bard is feeding his chicks. Second photo with arrows so that y’all can see where all three chicks were in the nest. I hope all of you are smiling as big as I am.

Dad Bard and the triplets

Jordan Lake. This tiny eastern tailed-blue butterfly – about 1″ long – is showing the wear and tear of it’s daily life. The tattered wings probably came about because a bird or an insect like a praying mantis attacked and because the wings are fragile they tattered instead of allowing the butterfly to become captured. I see many butterflies, dragonflies and moths ragged like this and they fly just fine.

eastern tailed-blue butterfly

Jordan Lake. First Nest. The lake level is at 219.75 ft which is 3.75 ft above normal. I am still not able to see First Nest. However, I did watch Mom Kate take a fish in past the tree line – headed for the nest. Dad Bard came by on a thermal. Every day I hope the lake is down enough so I can get in and see the chicks. I bet all of you are hoping that too!

Mom Kate with fish
Dad Bard

Jordan Lake. Doc Ellen’s Evening Note. The tree swallow watches as the evening gathers shadows and the sun cools its heat. As the swallow contemplates heading for its roost may we settle our souls for a night of contentment and quiet peace.
Doc Ellen

tree swallow

Jordan Lake. You’ve probably wondered why there has not been a report from Doc Ellen on the bald eagle nests of late. The lake level has been so very high that I cannot get in to monitor the nests. Most of the boat ramps are so far underwater that boats can’t get in either. It will most likely be end of next week before I can get back to checking on the nests. Sigh!