At 07:36:46 this morning I was brilliantly reminded of the symmetry of the universe.
Sol’s light pierced the leaves of the trees and gave me a octagonal view of earth’s star.

sol star

The color in this photo is natural…I took the photo during the “blue hour”.
Actually the “hour” is about 30 minutes long.
The beautiful blues occur twice a day and are fleeting
and even though the colors happen they are not always photographable.
I usually catch these conditions in the fall and early winter.

blue hour kingfisher

creator’s forefinger
dipped in enamel orange
drew for me glowing globe
hues showed spent night fleeing
full moon, setting,

memories shimmering
drawn from consoling lake
heart touched by aching hope
too soon yet too long known
breath sighs, letting,

poetry hungering
soul hurt lingering soft
song reft by chances gone
life sought wrapped well within
friendship, netting,

setting full moon