_RK_8410 Cadet and vulture sm sky 2014 (1)

That is Cadet upstairs and a young turkey vulture downstairs; they were both born this year.  As often happens, I was putting up my camera when I heard Cadet call and turned to see him buzz the vulture!  I missed the buzz-by dive with my camera, but did get this fly-by.

_RK_7781 Cadet twisting stall 2 2014

Cadet was learning how to control his body for a hover – and he almost stalled out while trying to see where the fish had gone.  That is one heck of a twist between wings and body!

_RK_7733 Cadet with catfish small2014

This is Cadet; he is this year’s male offspring of Amelia and Ace. He is recently fledged and working hard to learn how to fish.  This morning he caught this medium sized catfish.

_RK_7413 - Version 2 eagle osprey chase 2014

The eagle jumped Ace the osprey as the smaller bird lifted his fish from the river.  For about 90 seconds the eagle pursued Ace, trying to get the osprey to drop his fish.  An eagle will ram an osprey then catch the fish midair if the osprey drops it.  Ace finally flipped up on one wing and dove between two closely growing trees, his fish still in his talons.  The eagle sulked off down river.