IMG_1993 osprey whole lot sky 2014

That is a whole lot of bright blue sky inviting the young osprey to dive right into the morning’s fishing.

_RK_3375 kestrel and frog 2014

The American Kestrel, size of a bluejay, is the smallest falcon in North America.
This male kestrel is undoubtedly the most colorful raptor in the same area.
He has caught a frog and is swiftly heading to a perch.

_RK_3897 2-3 yo eagle CJL 2014

This immature bald eagle flew over the boat I was riding in during the Fall event yesterday.
The volunteers work hard to give the lake, the land, the critters a clean environment.
The lake had a slight chop which made getting a sharp photo a challenge, but it was fun trying.

_RK_3433 northern harrier female flight sm 2014

This female northern harrier uses her prominently disked face, like that of an owl, to help her hear and hunt voles and mice in the marsh.

_RK_3424 northern harrier dive 2014

northern harrier hawk in a twisting dive seeking prey in the half-dried marsh