_RK_2157 2 yo eagle Poe 2014

two year old bald eagle, sure of his place in the world

_RK_1266 Cadet and vulture 2014

Cadet, who is the immature osprey on the upper right, has taken to harassing the immature turkey vultures, the bird on the lower left. Both these birds were fledged this year and their flying skills are still sloppy. But that didn’t stop Cadet from diving down on the vulture who had to twist awkwardly to get away.
I caught the moment as Cadet bounced off of the vulture.

_RK_1546 black buzzard quiz pair2014

This pair of black vultures had been mutually grooming each other when they both looked up and past me.  I turned and looked the same direction but my human eyesight could not see what their avian eyes could.

_RK_1279 eagle 3 yo 2014

3 year old bald eagles always remind me of punk rock stars – rebellious in their changing colors, especially in their beaks, heads and tails