Bright orange-red eyering marks the killdeer / Charadrius vociferus.
Vociferus in the scientific name can be defined as “crying out noisily” and this bird does so with its loud frequent killdeee, kildeee call.

wood ducks

I watched this pair of wood ducks fly around me at the point where I stood. I missed the flight shots. By the time I got over the hill and stepped quietly around the willow trees they were already swimming away from the shoreline. The morning was quiet and the dust above the water caused a lot of sparkles in my lens and looked like silver motes in the photo.

bald eagle stare

I am being watched by this bald eagle as boats passed between us in the cove. The bird had been grooming when a small john boat passed close below its tree. The eagle looked down at the fisherman, then across at me and dismissed me as just part of the scenery. And went back to grooming.