It takes a lot of nesting material to keep a bald eagle’s nest clean and insulated.
I am not sure which parent bald eagle this is, but he certainly has a large load of straw.
To collect the material, the bird finds rows of the straw on the shoreline or sometimes on a sandbar.
The eagle then flies across the patch, talons open, and snags the straw while flying.
Reminds me of a plane catching the tail wire on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier.

The young bald eagle, right at a year in age, had caught a fish from the Haw River, right below the Jordan Lake Dam.
Then the youngster had to make a mad dash up into the trees if he was going to keep the fish for his breakfast.
The eaglet got to the tree branch with the fish firmly under his right foot.
It was a small fish and the youngster quickly tore it apart and finished all but the piece dangling from his left foot.  
He was one proud-of-himself bald eagle!