I sat down to pick a photo for tonight’s post – I had several decent action shots to look through. But, the very first photo of this morning caused me to pause and ponder.  Of late this world has been full of chaos and fear and anxiety. Way down the Haw River this immature bald eagle perched.  Quietly.  Waiting.  A living, breathing, vibrant silhouette giving me, and I hope you, a chance to just be still for a moment or two.   Enjoy the peace and grace, Doc Ellen.



I have been watching this 4-year-old eagle for more than a week. I love the plumage of the 4-year-olds. This one has piqued my curiosity. She is almost as light in brown coloration as is Hershey, the dad at the H&G Nest. I wonder if she is one of his offspring – but that I will never know. So, I will simply watch her and enjoy her brocade silk patterns.



This nest is the longest reach for my camera. The first photo is Mom Godiva on lookout. The second photo is Dad Hershey in the nest. He is just to the left of the trunk of the tree; look for his yellow beak just above the nest brim. Bald eagles share incubation and brooding duties. Mom does somewhat more of the incubation duties than dad and she is the one that usually incubates during the night.



This is the female bald eagle that was in today’s FB video post. She and I had watched the river for quite some time. Then I saw her attention shift to the river and I knew she was going to go fishing. Alas, she caught the fish behind some of the trees on the riprap. But, I caught up with her as she took the fish to a branch. It amazes me how a rather large, dark brown and brilliant white bird can almost disappear! Do you see the fish under her right foot, in the 3rd photo?