I was walking the Jordan Lake shoreline after the long Memorial Day holiday.
I stopped and watched when I saw this deer step from the woods.
It glanced at me and proceeded to browse the brush on the shoreline.
Then the deer saw the grill – something totally outside the deer’s experience –
and well it should be, as having a fire anywhere but in designated places is unsafe and forbidden.
The grill is an expensive piece of trash that has to be picked up by the rangers or volunteers.
The deer eventually eased back into the woods, watching the grill monster the whole time.

WALK1844 May 28 2015 @ 10-20-37 New Hope Deer grill

_RK_4318 young spotted doe2014

Young doe with ears alert to the other does moving away behind her while her alert eyes are glued on me.

IMG_1601 - Version 2 squirrel and traffic light 2014Now, who would have thought a home town squirrel could help hold up a traffic light and keep the bolts screwed very, very tight?