alert, oh, so alert now that the young buck has seen me

Mattamuskeet deer detail

It was 4 years ago today that I found Grayced at the lake.
Starved, scared, wounded.
This is Grayced last night in just about his favorite place
between me and my desk and my keyboard.
Just thought I’d share my joy in having him as a companion.


I had been intently watching an immature osprey attempting to fish, toward the middle of the lake.
Something pulled my eye toward the far shore to my left.
I watched as an animal, I thought a large dog, jumped into the lake. Not an unusual sight.
Looking back at the osprey, something at the back of my mind urged me to check on the dog.
It wasn’t a dog at all, but was a large doe, calmly swimming toward me!
She crossed the large cove, got to my side, jumped up on the bank and disappeared.
I just never know what mother nature will send my way! There is a very, very short video below the photo. Enjoy!

swimming deer

A sure sign that seasons are changing at Mattamuskeet Wildlife Refuge.
This buck has a beautiful antler rack still covered in velvet.
The covering will soon begin to itch and peel –
driving the buck to trash the surrounding shrubs and saplings, rubbing the annoyance away.

white tail deer