Gulls suddenly scattered from the surface of the lake in front of the dam tower.
I looked toward the opposite direction of the gulls’ flight.
Sure enough, there was a bald eagle coming across the inlet.
The 3-year-old eagle didn’t bother chasing the gulls.
He crossed in front of me and headed for the tallest tree on the bluff.
Alas, he landed with his back to me, but, oh, he was still a majestic sight.

Around from the south end of the lake this youngster appeared.
He was watching something toward the north as he was flying toward the dam.
All of a sudden he realized he was on track to fly right over the two humans sitting on top of the dam.
The 90º turn he made so un-stabilized him that he had to drop his legs to regain balance.
We watched the jink in the air and continued to photograph as the eaglet bolted over the far end of the dam and out of sight.

Down the Haw River I watched as these two immature bald eagles got into a squabble.
The eagle to the right had just gotten knocked off the branch it was perched on, by an older eagle.
The eagle to the left seemed to resent the disturbance and faced off with the other youngster.
The encounter stayed a bluff on both sides and they both found new perches elsewhere.