First Nest
More years than not, First Nest has 2 chicks.
For the past 3 days I have thought that there might be more than just Cacao in the nest.
I was packing up to go home today when I blinked.
Cacao had aggressively dove across the nest – like an older sibling will do.
Sure enough, she was putting another chick in its place.
Caramel didn’t take much gruff from his big sibling as they had a face off.
That’s Caramel looking upward.  Cacao is mostly behind the big limb to the right.

First Nest
Oh, joy!!!
After 5 weeks of not being able to properly see First Nest, I got to see how big the chick had grown.
I think there may be a second chick in the nest, but the wind was gusting so hard that I couldn’t decide.
Hopefully tomorrow I can get a better look.
The chick is now about 8 weeks old – another 4 weeks or so and it should be flying.
It has been so frustrating for all of us that the flooding has kept us waiting to see what the chicks are doing.
Here’s to sunshine and a lowered lake!!!
The chick is working on wing stretches.
A much bigger stretch!
Surveying the lake – hoping to see a parent with a fish.
Got to check the back door too!

Ranger Cove: Bald Eagle nest and Osprey nest
I was finally able to get to Ranger Cove!
Bald Eagle Nest
Ranger Mom was sitting on her eggs/chicks.  The eggs may have hatched but I couldn’t be certain yet.
Ranger Dad did a fly-by, but was too quick for me to catch a photo of him.
Osprey Nest
The autumn and winter weather took down the osprey’s old nest.  No problem. 
The parent ospreys picked another tree and are hard at work on a new nest.
Here Dad Osprey supervises the delivery of a new nest stick by Mom Osprey.
I am not sure that I really want to know what Dad Osprey is saying about Mom Osprey’s apparent landing point!

Lake levels are still high and I got to 2 of the nests.  Sure hope to get to third nest in a couple of days.
H&G nest
Hershey watching over his unseen chick(s) in the golden hour light.
First Nest
Kate waiting for Petruchio to bring home a fish for their family.
Because of water levels, I still cannot see into the nest.  Hope to soon!!

H&G Nest
The high lake levels have kept all of the bald eagle nest monitors from checking the nests as often as we usually do.
I got to the nest of Hershey and Godiva to find that their chick(s) have hatched!
That is Hershey at the lower left as Godiva is watching from behind the main truck of their nest tree.
Godiva leaning over to feed an unseen chick.
Hershey on his favorite outlook post.
After the chick feeding, Godiva settled in to enjoy some of the morning sunshine.