Jordan Lake: The purple martins have returned and they are interested in finding a mate. Like in this sequence: the female perched at the top of the snag sure turns a cold shoulder to the questing male who is talking to, or is it at her. She looks away. She looks past her suitor. He apparently sees another female and dashes off … which sends the female off on her on. Life in the spring time is often full of such searches.

Jordan Lake: Ospreys are very practical when it comes to nest repair. They are also drawn to decorating their nests. Dad osprey is bringing in a stick for repair, but, note the lichen that is on the stick … you wouldn’t usually catch a bald eagle bringing a decorated stick home. Ospreys will bring all kinds of objects to their nests, such as extra large pinecones, plastic milk jugs, ribbons, mylar balloons and aluminum cans. I wish they didn’t have the jugs and balloons and cans available for them to scavenge. Note that dad very carefully lands the stick next to mom osprey. She chirped at him and got up to place the stick where she wanted it in their home.

Jordan Lake: I think “startling” is the best adjective for this display of a pair of yellow-shafted northern flickers this morning. The female is the one flying off to the right. The male had thought to visit with her, their chattering had filled the woods and the cove, but she had other thoughts. The golden-yellow color of the shafts is only seen when the flickers are in flight … making it a challenge to photograph them as they flicker about the woods.

Jordan Lake Bald Eagle Nest report: First Nest

This is the other chick in the nest. Like its sibling from yesterday, it is pouting … Mom Kate (in the second photo) came zooming in from the main lake and passed right by the nest to go and harass some ospreys. The chick is centered in the nest and it is looking to the right. You can see it has a lot of white feathers across its upper chest. I don’t know yet if this is what is known as a “white belly”. Kate and Petruchio have had other white belly chicks.