IMG_1993 osprey whole lot sky 2014

That is a whole lot of bright blue sky inviting the young osprey to dive right into the morning’s fishing.

_RK_4686 cypress gnome med2014

The soft whistling snore stopped me. There was a gnome, ears drooping, eyes shut and long nose slightly quivering.
I smiled, nodded good day to the tree bull guarding the gnome and eased away through the cypress swamp.

_RK_4318 young spotted doe2014

Young doe with ears alert to the other does moving away behind her while her alert eyes are glued on me.

while on a ramble at the 2014 NC State Fair I chanced to meet some unusual and delightful creatures
I hope you will share the pleasure these creatures brought to me
and, oh, do watch for the Little Girl and the Long Legs…….

_RK_4116 pine warbler 2014

Cocking his head at me and stopping his food hunt for a moment, the Pine Warbler said: you seem to be as quizzical as I feel.