WALK6884 C goose Yates 2014

Study in brown, grey and black with accents of white.

There were 3 bald eagles at Yates Mill Nature Preserve today.  It is rare to see a single bald eagle over the Mill Pond.  Today I was blessed to see 3.  The first 2 photos are of the adults.  The 3rd photo is of the adults chasing each other – sorry the photo is not better – but they quickly chased each other out of the reach of my lens.  The 4th photo is of the 3 year old immature bald eagle.  He/she was very interested in the action between the adults.  Just like the teenager he is.  He will have to make it through 2 more years before he is ready to find a mate of his own.

WALK2114 2nd adult eagle Yates Mill 2014

WALK2111 1st adult eagle Yates Mill 2014

WALK2120 pr adult eagles Yates Mill 2014

WALK2132 3 yo eagle Yates Mill 2014