Jordan Lake, Haw River, Wednesday September 30, 2020: Update on Kirtland’s Warbler – she is STILL HERE! Yes! I had wondered if last night’s rain and colder weather would send her on the next part of her journey, but there she was, 1) eyeing a protein packet 2) happily eating a spider protein packet 3) a yellow-throated warbler was also there. She has been active all morning, up until noon and then again in the later afternoon … I hope she is still there tomorrow and that those of you who haven’t seen her yet get a chance to do just that.

Jordan Lake Dam, Haw River: the Kirtland’s warbler was still at the riprap this morning! I caught her feeding on protein packets, aka: spiders, mites, caterpillars and insects. She was quite busy and very intent on feeding up for the next leg of her journey flight to the Bahamas. About half-way through the slide show she gets a small critter of some sort and quickly swallows it and goes right back to hunting. I don’t know if the stormy weather tonight will send her on south or if she will stay another day or two. It was grand watching other birders get their first glimpse of a Kirtland’s warbler – a feast for my heart.

Jordan Lake Dam, Haw River: RARE bird alert! I photographed this female Kirtland’s warbler at the riprap this morning. It was removed from the federally endangered species list in 2019 and is still considered threatened with a global breeding population of about 3600 birds. It was passing through here from its breeding grounds in Michigan and heading for its wintering grounds in the Bahamas. A new life list bird for me!

My friend and I had spent the morning at Jordan Lake watching eagles, gulls, crows and killdeer.
We were all packed up and getting ready to head out when my friend noticed a tiny bird being busy in the grass.
Nothing to do but I took out my iPhone and started to quietly walk in on the pine warbler.
The little bird tolerated us and so I slowly, gently walked forward.
There followed several minutes of joy on my part and a studied indifference on the bird’s part.
I hope you enjoy the short video.