I realized this evening that I have been concentrating on water, water, flooding water everywhere.
So, let’s catch up with some of the other events in the Jordan Lake Dam Neighborhood.
While trying to catch the fog lifting above the long leaf pine meadow, a flock of double-crested cormorants graced the rising sun.
A fledgling bald eagle, one of this year’s babies, seemed to challenge the sun and flew into the east.
Here is an adult bald eagle, very intent on something way across the main lake, near where the Haw River joins the Middle Creek.
If her stout beak had not protruded way past the clump of leaves where she perched, I would have missed the female belted kingfisher.
And then there are the small winged creatures, like this common buckeye butterfly, that try to sense if I am to be avoided or dismissed.

At 07:36:46 this morning I was brilliantly reminded of the symmetry of the universe.
Sol’s light pierced the leaves of the trees and gave me a octagonal view of earth’s star.

sol star

IMG_8984 sun dog 22 halo YM small 2014

sun dog formation, 22 degree sun halo over Yates Mill Pond, Raleigh, NC   November 18, 2014 11:08:22 AM iPhone photo