While working on my archive project, I remembered this photo from this morning. I swear this Northern Mockingbird has the exact same expression on his face that I’ve had on my face for at least the past month! Just wondering if any of y’all recognize yourselves in his expression as he goes almost cross-eyed as he surveys this eccentric human being watching him… as she is wondering what tomorrow will bring.


Having just added new photos to my print gallery (more than a dozen bird species), I want to say my heart-felt thanks to each of you who has bought a print from me in the past.  My thanks to those of you who check out my gallery site and consider making a purchase.  Each purchase helps me to continue my field studies at Jordan Lake and I do enjoy the studying.  However, my biggest joy is in the sharing with all of you what I observe at the lake. Thanks for considering a purchase.
Peace and Grace, Doc Ellen
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PS: Here is a sample from my newest collection Palette … and, yes, it is a photograph that the child-heart of me dreamed into a new vision…
(actual print does not have the watermark)

Its time to see what other birds, um, non-bald eagles are in the neighborhood.
Accipiters are fast hawks that chase other birds.
This is an immature Cooper’s hawk.
Just how many fish does this crow have in its beak?
Sometimes going away gives a spectacular view – this is a ring-billed gull.
The waters of the lake make a beautiful backdrop for this male eastern bluebird.
The American pipit is a winter visitor and a new bird for my Life List.
I almost always hear a killdeer before I see it and I better be looking quick for they zip past in a hurry.

WALK6890 - 2015-02-01 at 10-17-11

My friend had taught me the call of the hermit thrush because you way more often hear a hermit thrush than see one.
And so, I was watching black vultures when I heard, looked and then saw this lovely bird.